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The Scanfrost Cooker SFC5402S is efficient, durable and Easy to use. No need to look far, get it today, and enjoy unlimited value for your money.It also feature 4 Gas…


12kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine Separate Wash & Spin Dryer Tubs Built In Drain Pump Non detachable top covers for safer washing


Semi Automatic washing machine ( Wash and spin ) Reversible Drain Pump Wash rated capacity - 6.0kg Spin rated capacity - 3.6kg Superior quality Highly efficient motor


8.2KG Twin tub with plastic body Toughened glass connected cover Hi water level: 58L Low Water level: 40 L Rated wash power: 420 W Rated Spin power: 160 W Superior…


HISENSE streamlined designed washing machines come with user-friendly control panels, as well as the options and performance you need. Hisense line of washing machines offer innovative features including:Top load -…


8KG Full Automatic Smart Fuzzy Logic Control Technology Toughened Glass Door Big Intellgent LED Screen Self-programming Function,more Convenient for Washing Facilitating The Dissolving and Penetration of Detergent for


Brand Name: IGNIS • Product Type: washing Machine • Model No: FL 800 • 5Kg Washing Capacity • Auto Balance Control System • Automatic Half Load • Electronic Control/Anti Crease/Easy…


6Kg Top Load Semi Automatic Anti-Rust Shell Pure Plastic Cabinet  


TOP LOAD, Semi Automatic 8 KG Anti-Rust Shell Pure Plastic Cabinet  


Top Load 10KG Semi Automatic Anti-Rust Shell Pure Plastic Cabinet  


TOP LOAD 13KG Semi Automatic Anti-Rust Shell Pure Plastic Cabinet